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Eric in Chill Train ad Super Bowl

Iconic tv spot, with LL Cool J as the conductor and Eric as the father, returns in an epic way!

NOVA on PBS Latest

Eric narrates the story of the Elizabeth Line, now running under the streets of London. Available in the US on the PBS website. Here is a taster…

Eric in Cyberpunk 2077

Eric plays Josh Kavorkin…TV Host of “Your Business is My Business.”

Game Trailer Voiceover

Eric lends his voice to this dynamic trailer

NOVA – PBS Neutrinos

An exciting look into the building blocks of the universe all around us.

Aerial Greece…Cyclades

Watch the entire first part on YouTube. All shot via drones from above. Glorious.

Take me away to the beautiful islands and historic landscape of sunny Greece. If you can’t get there in person…let me narrate your journey.

Aerial Greece – Smithsonian

Beautiful settings and a real treat to narrate. Check local listings in the US. The lovely Bessie Carter narrates the Irish and UK version.

When Sharks Attack! New Episodes

Back on NatGeo Wild starting 5 July. It’s time to get back in the water. Eric is back in the narrator’s chair for season 6. Check local listings online for NatGeo Wild in your area.